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Many types of training Services are provided by Galway Dog Training.

Some of the services:

  • Home Visits
  • Family Pet Training Programmes
  • Behaviour Modification Programmes
  • Private consultations
  • Search and Rescue
  • Agility
  • Courses and classes
  • Court Evaluations
  • Litter picking and Temperament Testing


Please see Timetable for times of classes and courses for all types of training.


Socialization is a class of  dogs and owners. The class is designed to teach a dog the correct way to meet and greet other dogs and people. If  the dog is showing aggression to other dogs, it teaches the owners how to have complete control of the dogs behaviour and show the dog there’s no need to be aggressive but to enjoy and look forward to meeting other dogs. If the dog is nervous, the class is controlled and comfortable thus makes the dog feel at ease while the trainer uses techniques to the bring the dogs confidence up.



This is a class or private consultation, that teaches the owner and dog many different techniques to shape a behaviour and get the dog to be eager in doing the exercises requested.



This is usually only private consultation where behaviours are addressed that are being troublesome at the home or in public, example of common behaviours: Toilet training, Running away, Pulling on the lead, Chewing, digging, jumping on strangers, knocking over family members, aggression towards family or strangers, not listening, constant barking, excessive energy, destructive behaviours.




This is an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weaves, dog walks and hoops that is great fun for both dog and owner and best of all it develops a trust and enhances the bond. This is a dog and owner team effort so both thoroughly enjoy it.  If you get really into it, it is limitless how far in competitions and qualifications you can go with this. This is a sport for all dogs regardless of size.




For any more information about any of the training, please contact 085-7297619. See Timetable for times that agility run at.

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  1. irene conroy

    Hello, My dog Tyson is so sweet and lovely to me & my immediate family but he is really fearful of other friends and family, he doesn’t see everyday. He won’t come to them even if they have been at my house on a regular basis and he won’t come even if I encourage him too. When strangers come to my house he freaks out and barks like mad and won’t listen. He has even given bites to people that have come to my house. I am hoping someone can help him to be free of fear and more welcoming to people. Or at least listen to me if I tell him to stop barking. I am wondering the cost of training a dog like Tyson. He is over 2 years old and 1/2 sheep dog 1/2 Labrador. Thank you & take care.

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