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Training Packages provided:


  • 1 on 1 Private Consultations (Subsequent sessions €20 Off or 50% off a Public Training course)


  • Puppy Training

Toilet Training, Teaching pup to walk at side, Teaching ‘No’ , Recall, Basic commands,  Bond Building, Developing respect and trust, Dietary Advice, Addressing Problem Behaviours.

This is generally a home consultation where all the family is involved. It is important that all the family enjoy the training and keep consistent so the dog does not get confused.
In this, various techniques and commands are thought, several issues worked on (at your request) and any children in the home, will be thought how to do a technique correctly so that he /she feels confident in training their puppy to the best.


  • Problem Behaviour Modification

There are too many problem behaviours that can manifest in adult dogs and puppies, just like humans, however here is a very limited list,Heedless, Aggression towards strangers, family or other dogs, biting, barking and howling, Going toilet in the house (Not just puppies), Pulling on lead, wont come back when called, no respect, Anxiety, Low moods, low energy.


  • Courses (Adult, Puppy)

Please navigate to Courses for more information.


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  1. Michaela Shillingford

    Hi looking for basic obedience training for my teenager daughter and her 21 month old yorkie we live in Roscomoon and can’t make the 12th july course. Could you let me know the date of the next course and if there is anything else more suited to us. Many thanks

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