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Tips and Tricks


This is a page that will be updated regularly that will give dog advice, tips, tricks, commands and little golden nuggets to share with your companion.


He knows what he did!!!!!

You come home and your dog has left unwelcome surprises for you, the dog looks guilty on your noticing of this, you’re convinced he knows what he did!

Incorrect,  in order for a dog to associate the behaviour with your words / reactions, it needs to be marked within 1.6 seconds depending on the dogs intelligence. He looks guilty simply because a dogs natural communication is body language / posture and they can read yours, hence the reaction.


A Good eating habit for larger breeds

Raising your dogs food bowl  up about 12-15 inches, can get the dog to eat more slowly and calmly, and in the long run prevents Stomach flipping and other gastric conditions that could be life threatening.


Hes digging up the garden!!!

Try burying a balloon with food under it in a favourite place of his to dig up, the shock from the loudness of the balloon bursting will create a negative association with the digging.

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